Harry’s, an exquisite grooming brand, had started out focusing on shaving products with their aims to make shaving better every day. Their factory in Germany, making razor blades for almost 100 years, have now decided it’s time to expand from the shaving world into the general male grooming market. In October of 2013 Harry’s Corner Shop was born – their own barbershop in Soho. Offering traditional barber services as well as grooming products and everyday merchandise for the modern guy.

New this month to Harry’s, however is the daily face wash. This non-drying, gentle exfoliator is perfect for daily use- shaving or not. Lathering up for a deep clean, leaving your skin feeling fresh Harry’s is different to other facial scrubs. Instead of harsh chemically made microbeads as an exfoliating agent, Harry’s employs natural volcanic minerals, which work just as good. The wash is also full of other natural ingredients, such as moisturising aloe and coconut water, and refreshing eucalyptus and peppermint.

Daily Face Wash, £7/ 150ml at HARRY’S