Havana Club Tributo 2017 Rum

One of the most successful rum brands globally, Havana Club, release the Havana Club Tributo 2017. A second edition in the tribute collection of prestige rums.


Bottled at 40% ABV, the 2017 edition introduces a new style of Cuban rum, showcasing the richness and variety of styles found within the authentic Cuban rum category. The ‘aguardiente’ is at the heart of the drink, and has been enhanced by maturing in barrels that are over 80 years old. The result, quality rum with a distinctive dry note and an interesting array of flavours including chocolate, tobacco and coffee.

The outer packaging is enough to entice any avid spirit drinkers, featuring luxurious green gold cues evoking the sugar cane lands used for generations in the production of real Cuban rum. As an extra, each bottle of Havana Club Tributo is individually numbered and adorned with the signature of Havana Club Maestro del Ron Cubano, Asbel Morales.

havanaclub_tributo2017_bottle-shotSomeone with a taste for only the highest quality of drinks? Take a look.

Rum, from £298 per 70cl at HAVANA-CLUB