Hofmeister Bavarian Helles Lager

Arrived last week at Ape HQ- Hofmeister Bavarian Helles Lager, and thoroughly enjoyed over the weekend. Crafted by an independent brewer with over 80 years of experience in speciality beer- Hofmeister, the iconic beer from the 80s and 90s returns after 13 years with brand new recipe- made in Bavaria from the finest locally sourced ingredients.

Hofmeister’s unique taste is the result of a commitment to traditional Bavarian brewing which means that its lager complies with the 500 year old German Beer Purity Law, the ‘Reinheitsgebot’. This law, adopted in Bavaria in 1516, limits the Helles lager recipe to three ingredients: water, barley and hops.

Working with a fourth generation family-owned brewery in Germany’s the Ebersberger Forest, Hofmeister’s latest recipe uses only pure mineral water from the brewery’s own well, locally grown barley malted in the brewery’s own Malthouse and hops from the world-famous neighbouring Hallertau region.

Tasting Notes

  • Not too sweet, medium bodied, malt led beer
  • Light, golden blonde, easy to drink beer
  • Clean tasting with little to no bitterness from the hops
  • Elegant maltiness, restrained fragrant hoppiness
  • Low carbonation for a more drinkable beer

Slow brewed, Hofmeister is 5% ABV, light golden blonde in colour, rich in flavour and with lower carbonation- which delivers a seriously refreshing lager, earning the Ape seal of approval. A welcome change to the seemingly chemical-ridden lagers available today, Hofmeister is a breath of fresh air, best described as pure tasting- an authentic, imported, slow brewed, 5% ABV Bavarian Helles Lager.

Serving A Bavarian Lager

  • Rinse the glass in cold water
  • Don’t dry it
  • Angle the glass to 45” and pour slowly to halfway
  • Straighten the glass and pour the rest in quickly, raising the bottles as far as you dare

The brand new 100% Bavaria Hofmeister is available nationwide in pubs and bars from November 2016.