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When a beer brands’ motto is, ‘run by brewers, not accountants’ – we instantly think positive thoughts. This is the way Budweiser Budvar is crafted, brewed and operated- all from the Bohemian town of České Budějovice in the Czech Republic. The brand too, is wholly owned by the people of the Czech Republic- adding national pride to the brewing and quality control of their fine lager. And last year, Budweiser Budvar celebrated its 120th anniversary but the town of České Budějovice itself has a history of brewing for over 700 years- which Ape were keen to learn more about.

The brands two shining lights are Budweiser Budvar Original and Tankové Pivo which are brewed and conditioned for a total of 102 days, 7 times longer than most other beers. This no shortcuts attitude to brewing is owed to that motto aforementioned- ‘run by brewers, not accountants’, and in truth- it’s all for our and your tastebud’s benefit.

Budweiser Budvar- Original and Dark, enjoyed at Ape HQ this weekend gone

To get a taste for Czech life and to celebrate Budweiser Budvar’s enduring success in an age where more people than ever are seeking unique and authentic experiences- the brand have launched a new website (czechstories.com)- a channel to tell the real stories of the Czech Republic.

The new website is a homage to the rich culture of the Czech Republic beyond just that ‘standard’ trip to the stunning city of Prague- it explores too, a country with a rich history of which the Budweiser Budvar story is part of.

The new website is initially launching with content including; How to Make the Perfect Goulash, Bohemian Rhapsody (a Southern Bohemian road trip); Behind the Mask (the story of the Masopust mask making tradition), Searching for the Spring (the national treasure that is the Šumava National Park and its rivers) and The Man Behind the Beer- a look at Budweiser Budvar through the eyes of their Beer Sommelier. Take a look via the link below, it’s well worth a visit to learn more about the Czech Republic and its rich history.

czechstories.com | budweiserbudvar.co.uk

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