Metaxa 12 Stars

In September, iconic Greek amber spirit house, Metaxa, re-launched their refined Metaxa 12 Stars bottle design following the appointment of Mike Horn, their new brand ambassador.


Taking influence from the founder Spyros Metaxa, the newest change reflects the innovative nature of Metaxa’s constant push to create the perfect amber spirit.

Best served on the rocks, it boasts notes of toasted oak, fruits and spices, which join with spicy herbs, chocolate, coffee, dried prunes and orange peel. These tastes combine to give a rich, silky feel before sipping. Following this you will experience strong tastes of dark cocoa, liquorice, dried orange, honeyed figs and prunes; completing the tasteful experience.


“The most intense exploration that is still to be achieved is indeed exploring the mind, the human being, for all its dimensions,” said Mike Horn, brand ambassador.

The new premium design for the 12 Stars packaging features the Metaxa signature engraved on both sides of the bottle, and also shows the emblem of Metaxa: a golden Salamina warrior standing proud as a symbol of strength and courage.


Given a refined look, the Metaxa 12 Stars pays respect to the House of Metaxa’s heritage, skill and boldness. The newly packaged edition is available from £30.