Holiday Where Other People Don’t

Overcrowded beaches, football shirt wearing torsos and uninspired destinations. If you’re looking for an adventure with a difference this year, then we have the answer. With travel not being our forte we enlisted the expert help of Tom Marchant, founder of luxury travel and exclusive holiday website for his three of the best unique holiday destinations. Our brief was simple: unique places, locations that might not typically cross your mind, somewhere to switch off and experience a new culture, and destinations not flocked to by the masses. Easy right?

Naturally, we couldn’t let you travel without recommending a few accessories- you’ll find these below Tom’s destination recommendations. Safe travels gentlemen, and please report back with your experiences.

Aysen, Chile

In a country of untouched wilderness and double-take landscapes, it can be hard to recommend just one region of Chilean Patagonia. But Aysen, with its vast glaciers, snow-capped peaks and jagged fjords, has topped our list of 2018 adventure destinations.


We are urging anyone with a penchant for adventure to explore this truly unexplored region of Chile. Whether you’re an adventure expert or first timer, Aysen’s beauty and endless list of pulse-raising activities offers an adventure for everyone in 2018.


Shrouded in mystery and far less explored than surrounding African nations, we have our sights firmly placed on Uganda in 2018. Not only is this corner of Africa untouched and under-rated, it offers some of the finest wildlife viewing opportunities on the continent.


From gorilla treks that rival neighbouring Rwanda, to chimpanzee exploration in Kibale Forest National Park, Uganda offers a perfect combination of endemic species and old favourites. And with the recent 100% increase in gorilla permit prices next-door in Rwanda, Uganda offers more untapped experiences at a much more affordable rate, meaning you can spend longer exploring this ethereal nation.

Comporta, Portugal

A small cluster of villages on Portugal’s Troia Peninsula, Comporta is a sleepy yet sophisticated corner of Europe that offers the perfect dose of summer escapism. Comprised of white-washed villages, cobble-lined streets and terracotta topped houses, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you explore this charming destination.


Looking past the villages, you’ll find idyllic, sand-dune bordered beaches and a pace of life that encourages you to completely switch-off during your summer escape.

Travel Essentials

Of course, it’s important to maintain a sense of style while abroad particularly at dinner for instance. However, in temperatures of 30oC plus and raging humidity- this takes some consideration. We recommend opting for cotton and linen blends with a modern yet classic design- with optimal ventilation.


– Boglioli Basketweave Linen And Cotton-Blend Blazer in sand, £590

– John Smedley ‘Roth’ Sea Island Cotton Polo Shirt in navy, £135

– Orlebar Brown ‘Griffon’ White Tailored-Fit Linen Trousers in white, £145

– C.QP Racquet Sneakers in beige, €280

You’ll also need some travel accessories to make the journey there more tolerable. A handsome suitcase, easily wheeled through busy airports, a pair of wireless headphones for convenience and lets not forget travel-sized skincare products- neglecting your grooming routine is not an option. Finally, a sizeable bottle of sunscreen to avoid any run-ins with skin peeling and the red as a lobster look.

Away ‘The Medium’ Suitcase in black, £275 | Apple AirPods in white, £159 | Malin+Goetz Essentials Travel Kit, £22 | Aesop Protective Body Lotion with Sunscreen, £27


While the traditional holiday resorts offer experience and no doubt a slick process, 2018 is the year of considering something a little off the beaten track. The former isn’t a terrible idea but we are just floating out the idea of a mental escape, a unique destination. Wherever you are, ensure you travel with modern conveniences and style with modern elegance. Bon voyage!

Chris Beastall

Chris is the Founder and Editor of Ape to Gentleman. His interests lie in men's style, male grooming and leading a better lifestyle - through minimalist, basic and clean design.