A Grand Saturday Morning

An Ape to Gentleman partnership with Vauxhall

Photography by Ape to Gentleman

Just a Little More Grand. This is the strapline of the Grandland X, Vauxhall’s latest SUV. With an impressive amount of modern features it’s ideal for daily living yet still boldly styled and designed to add a sense of ‘grandness’ to a gentleman’s lifestyle.



As with our review of the Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport last year, we are open minded at Ape to Gentleman- and specifically, with regards to Vauxhall. A brand which in the past has struggled to compete with the likes of Audi and BMW but has since made great strides in the style-stakes, whilst continuing to produce reliable and well spec’d vehicles.


So can the Grandland X add a little grandness to your life? Vauxhall tasked us with documenting our Saturday morning routine in their new SUV to find out.



The day begins with a visit to the gym taking advantage of Apple car play to amp up the energy levels, and we’d be lying if the heated steering wheel wasn’t thoroughly enjoyed with temperatures hovering around freezing. And yes, that is us remotely unlocking 1,652 litres of boot space.




ape_3122Next, a quick trim at the local barber followed by a shop at the local store for some weekend supplies and a coffee stop before heading home for brunch with the family.




Did it add a little grandness to our life? Being an SUV it certainly raised our driving perspective, physically. And emotionally? We were impressed, as with our previous Vauxhall, on all fronts- they have their eye on the prize with regards to bold styling, and within, it’s superbly well equipped, the Grandland X handles like a champ and really does tick all the boxes. Okay, we might have opted for the black metallic paint in an ideal world but surprisingly- the golden hue was bizarrely handsome in the flesh. It’s time to relinquish all brand snobbery and consider Vauxhall, a car brand upping their game. All very grand.

Grandland X, from £22,485 OTR at vauxhall.co.uk