The Hottest Men’s Fashion Brands In The World Right Now

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Brands dip in and out of popularity these days so frequently it can be hard to keep track of what’s hot and what’s not. The fashion world is a fickle one, and it doesn’t take much for a label to go from the most hyped on the face of the earth to being regarded as cringe, played out and overhyped.

A prime example is Supreme. The transcendent NYC skate label went from a cult, underground brand to being at the centre of the streetwear-meets-high-fashion crossover before ultimately collapsing in on itself, a victim of its own success.

Hype always reaches an event horizon. The trendsetters and tastemakers start wearing something, the mainstream picks it up, it reaches a point of saturation and the trendsetters that made it cool in the first place now want nothing to do with it. It’s a cycle that repeats itself over and over again, chewing labels up and spitting them out… aside from a privileged few who have the heritage and staying power to carry them through.

So, which labels are riding the crest of this wave right now? In other words, what are the hottest brands in the world? Well, take this with a pinch of salt as it’s only our humble opinion, but below is a list of the brands we feel are peaking in popularity in 2023.


The original streetwear brand, Stüssy was printing graphics onto T-shirts and hoodies way before it was cool. The Californian surf label has always been great, but over the last few years it has been enjoying a fresh wave of interest from fashion-savvy influencers and their trendy disciples.

At the same time, Stüssy has really stepped up its game in terms of its seasonal collections. There’s some really interesting, innovative stuff that sets it apart from comparable , putting Stüssy in a league all of its own.

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Aimé Leon Dore

We feel like Aimé Leon Dore is pretty much where Supreme was this time a decade ago. People are queueing up for drops, spending thousands on pieces and using the label as a bit of a status symbol.

It has become ubiquitous in places like London, Paris and especially New York City. And while there’s no denying this makes it possibly THE hottest brand on the planet right now in terms of hype, we’d be surprised if the bubble doesn’t burst in the next couple of years.

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On the very slim chance that you don’t already know, Arc’teryx is a Canadian outdoor brand known for its high-end alpine equipment. It started out making climbing harnesses, but these days it’s best known for its expensive Gore-Tex shells.

In recent years, these jackets have become popular in fashion circles. They’re the garments at the core of the whole gorpcore style subculture and have even been sent down fashion-week runways by Virgil Abloh.

All of this has helped to make Arc one of the hottest brands in the world.

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London skate label Palace has combined great branding, clever design, well-chosen collabs and a tongue-in-cheek tone of voice to masterful effect. The clothes are good on their own, but combined with everything else they’ve allowed Palace to become one of the coolest brands around.

It’s one of the few labels that managed to ride out the streetwear boom and come out of the other side unscathed, and we can’t wait to see who they join forces with next.

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Often labelled as ‘cottagecore’ by the fashion press, NYC label Bode makes clothes that quite literally look as though they were cut from your grandma’s curtains. And that’s largely because most of the garments are made from things like repurposed quilts, flowery fabrics and crochet knits.

It’s a unique look, but one that has garnered a lot of interest and turned Bode into one of the most talked about labels of current times.

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In the American Midwest, it might be hard for people to understand why a label synonymous with farmers, hunters and labourers has suddenly become fashionable. But in Europe, Carhartt being cool is nothing new.

Over the last couple of years, the US blue-collar brand has gained a new, younger fanbase in the States through its double-knee pants and the rise of vintage clothing, and you’re now just as likely to spot it being worn at fashion-week parties as on farms in rural Iowa.

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Our Legacy

Sweden’s Our Legacy is one of the most consistently interesting and innovative fashion brands on the scene.

Its designs take thinking outside the box to new extremes, with things like the much talked about digitally distressed denim jeans that featured printed graphics of rips, scuffs and holes to give the garment a completely unique look.



A decade ago, it was hard to imagine Burberry ever managing to claw back its tattered reputation. The brand’s signature check had become of marker of tastelessness in the 2000s, but now the historic British label is back on form and delivering some of the coolest pieces in the world of high fashion.

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Adidas Originals

Adidas is never not popular, but with the Samba continuing to dominate and styles like the Gazelle starting to creep into the spotlight too, we think the Three Stripes certainly deserves a mention.

The brand’s heritage suede and leather styles have come back in a big way and the hype looks to be far from over yet.

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Wales Bonner

You can’t talk about Adidas’ surge in popularity and the rise of the Samba as the hottest shoe of the moment without mentioning Wales Bonner. Founded by British designer Grace Wales Bonner, the label linked up with Adidas for a string of footwear collabs that helped to put some of the brand’s heritage styles back on the map.

Fancy a pair yourself? Get ready to pay silly money on the resale market.

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Along With Arc’teryx, Salomon is one of the key labels in the ongoing gorpcore trend (if we can even still call it a trend at this point).

The French alpine sports brand’s trail runners have become some of the most popular sneakers on the market, with styles like the XT-6 regularly selling out in various colourways.



Montreal-based Jjjjound describes itself as a design studio, but you probably know it as that weird word you’ve seen written on Reebok Club Cs on Instagram.

The brand regularly releases sell-out collaborations with some of the coolest labels around, and they’re always highly limited runs, which helps to keep Jjjjound at the top of the hype pile.

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Ralph Lauren

Aimé Leon Dore may be the hottest label in the world right now, but only because it’s copying everything Ralph Lauren has already done.

The legendary NYC brand has weathered every storm in menswear remaining cool and relevant throughout, and the current ALD hype has only increased interest.

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Not long ago, if you’d asked a fashion editor to write a list of the least cool brands in the world, there’s every chance Oakley would have made the cut. The American eyewear company is known for its sporty sunglasses, and as interest in 2000s wraparound shades has increased, so has the demand for Oakley’s signature products.

And it’s not just glasses. Oakley’s clothing is cropping up in curated vintage fashion stores all over the world, sold alongside brands like Prada, Stone Island, Arc’teryx and more.

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You can’t turn around without spotting at least three pairs of Birkenstock Bostons these days. The German footwear brand’s popular clog is one of the most in-demand shoes around, to the point that it’s often sold out on the brand’s website.

The trend has been fuelled by social media and it doesn’t look to be subsiding anytime soon.

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New Balance

New Balance was already big, with shoes like the 990 and 550 dominating Instagram Discover pages, but since NB took on ALD’s Teddy Santis as creative director of its Made in USA line (very smart marketing move), the hype has grown to new levels.

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Onitsuka Tiger

You might be surprised to see Japanese footwear brand Onitsuka Tiger on this list, but the label is starting to blow up thanks to the gradual decline in Adidas Samba hype and the early adopters looking for another shoe to latch onto.

At the moment, it looks like Onitsuka’s Mexico ‘66 is set to be that shoe, so watch this space as we expect it to really gather pace over the next few months.

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