The House of Nines is a menswear label focusing on deconstructing and redefining classic tailoring. Designers Ross Paul Keenan and Shamrez Mara aim at challenging the perception of British menswear culminating in an inspired ‘rebirth’. Industrial landscapes inform sharply engineered silhouettes and muted tones.

Traditional methods have been implemented to craft and engineer the tailoring – using finely woven canvas and lightweight woollen fusing to define the structure and fit of the suiting. House of Nines’ signature angled darts are a feature throughout, giving an ever present nod to the inspiration of industrial architecture. Accompanied by also military references with the shirting and outwear, the aim is to create a contemporary ‘uniform’ for the modern man.

The AW13 palette is pure and muted; mixing charcoal, black and navy with oxblood and burnt champagne to set a rich tone bathed in melancholy. It’s a collection which caters for the contemporary male requirements of tailoring – suitable for various occasions and surroundings.