How many times have you woken up in the morning, and thought to yourself : “Urgh… I need to shave today!”? It’s time to start Enjoying Shaving! êShave is a premier shaving line that has perfected its formulas over the last 12 years to provide you an effective and reliable, alcohol free, shaving regime. Once you start using wet shaving products, you will notice a great difference on your skin, and say goodbye to these 5’o clock shadows, irritations, ingrown hairs and bumps.

Want a better shave? Follow eShave’s expert tips:

Pre shave oil: A must have!
While you massage the oil on your face, you will soften your facial hair as you apply a protective layer onto your skin. The pre shave oil will reduce direct contact of razor with your skin while allowing it to glide more easily.

Shave Cream & Badger Hair Brush : Lather it up!
Using a brush is a must and will revolution your shaving routine. As you apply the cream / soap on your face with the brush (wet shaving ), not only will you create a delightful lather but you will also exfoliate your skin. The hair raised away from the skin will be easier to grab, reducing razor strokes thus irritations.

After Shave : The Finishing touch!
Now that your have a close shave, you want to keep this smooth skin all day long. Applying an aftershave will tone your skin leaving it soft and protected all day long

Shaving Tips

– Shave after the shower as the hot water loosens up pores and softens hair for a closer shave.
– Apply Cream / soap with a badger hair shaving brush to soften and raise the hair away from skin for a closer shave.
– Always shave with the grain using. Forget pressure, change your blade often and let it glide over prepared skin in, run fingers along neck to feel and follow the pattern.
– For stubborn hair, reapply shave cream and repeat shaving in sideways motion, using small strokes to prevent irritation. Around the neck area, where hair grows in different directions, run fingers along neck to feel and follow the pattern.
– Rinse and rub moistened Alum Block against the skin to close the pores and cleanse the skin.

If you follow these simple steps, you will end up saving money, looking better, and feeling great all day long.