The perfect shave: German precision from MÜHLE rasurkultur arrives in London

MÜHLE meets London

Regular readers of Ape to Gentleman’s male grooming articles will be well aware of our fondness for MÜHLE. The German shaving brand not only produces some of the best double-edge razors on the market, alongside a wide range of quality shaving software and accessories, but they also happen to be some of the most handsome products a gentleman might wish to adorn his bathroom with.

Until now, MÜHLE products have only been available across Europe from a variety of physical stores and in the UK via a carefully curated online edit. However, as of 1 November, 2018 it’s all change – and change for the better. For MÜHLE has opened its doors to the UK in the form of a stunning physical store just off Carnaby Street in London.


14A Newburgh Street, London

Carnaby Street is located in the heart of London’s West End, just two minutes from Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus tube stations. Known for its eclectic mix of over 150 shops and 50 independent restaurants and bars, it’s bursting with activity, creativity and the world’s finest in dependent retailers. And now, of course, it’s the new home of MÜHLE.


The MÜHLE history is well documented – both across the internet and on Ape to Gentleman – but briefly, the brand is well known for its pioneering operational hub based in Stützengrün, Saxony. It’s a location and employee base rich in manufacturing heritage and a genuine passion for wet shaving.

The natural beauty of Stützengrün, Saxony

The company was founded in 1945 on the principles of producing products that meet exacting standards, handcrafted with expert know-how. Since then, the brand has been dedicated to delivering a better wet-shaving experience for all its customers. And typically, MÜHLE has managed to transfer this mantra into its London store.

What to Expect

Located at 14A Newburgh Street, London, W1F 7RT, Ape to Gentleman recently attended the MÜHLE store launch party, where we were treated to an expert wet-shaving demo with one of the brand’s iconic double-edge razors. Although it featured all the usual drinks, music and canapés one comes to expect, the event was completely focused around teaching and learning, rather than just pushing products at all the attendees. After all, this isn’t the MÜHLE way. No, the MÜHLE sell is an easy one: once you understand the benefits of using its products, the design lures you in and the rest is pure shaving delight.

Sharing shaving tips… and mistakes

Nomad Barber doing is thing

At the store you will find an all-encompassing MÜHLE offering, including traditional safety razors, shaving brushes, razor and brush stands, as well as pre- and post-shaving products, gift sets and accessories.


MÜHLE’s move to the UK represents an opportunity to service its loyal and existing customers face to face while introducing London’s global wet-shaving audience to the handcrafted and high-quality products the brand are so passionate about. Visiting the store is an open invitation to anyone wishing to learn more about the company, explore the MÜHLE range and educate yourself on the traditional processes of achieving the perfect shave.

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A paid partnership with MÜHLE – words and opinion are Ape’s own. Photo credits: Tom Bird and Stefan Haehnel.

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