How To Shave Your Balls The Right Way: Modern Below The Belt Grooming

How to shave your balls

Congratulations. You’ve arrived here because you’re considering making one of the boldest grooming moves any man can make. You’re thinking about taking a razor to that most delicate of areas in pursuit of improved hygiene (or maybe just to make things look a little bigger down there – we’re not here to judge), and that takes balls. Literally.

The question of how one should handle below-the-belt grooming has baffled men since manscaping went mainstream. Should we just let it grow wild? Should we be aiming for dolphin-like smoothness across the board? Is a little bit of stubble the right way to go? And just what exactly is a “back, sack and crack” anyway?

It may seem daunting, but equipped with the right tools and a little know-how, shaving your balls needn’t be a scary experience. To ensure you’re fully informed and come out of the other end with your tackle intact, we’ve put together a handy guide covering everything you need to know about male grooming’s biggest question: should I shave my balls? And, if so, how?

Is This Really The Answer?

Taking a bladed instrument anywhere near your meat and two veg is something that contravenes every ounce of instinct. Razors cut things, and there are few places less pleasant to be sliced than anywhere on or around the family jewels. Which begs the question: surely there’s a better way of doing this?

There is another way, but whether it’s better or not is down to personal preference and pain threshold.

Waxing is your option B. However, it’s painful, and unless you fancy getting your hands dirty at home, regular salon sessions can prove to be a costly outgoing. Still, if the thought of a nicked nutsack outweighs all of that for you, then perhaps waxing is the right choice. If not, read on.

The Right Tools For the Job

Before you begin, you’ll need to make sure you’re properly armed. Having the right tools for the job is imperative if you want to walk out of that bathroom unscathed. So step away from the blunt kitchen scissors and bread knife, and consider the following instead.

Electric Vs. Manual

The most common question when it comes to shaving your balls – aside from whether to actually do it or not – is if it’s better to use an electric shaver or a traditional manual razor? The former may seem safer, but a nip from the clippers can be just as nasty as a slice from a straight blade.

The main difference is that adjustable guards on electric shavers mean you can leave some hair at your desired length. Meanwhile, a traditional razor will turn each testicle into a miniature Bruce Willis every time. No hair left, whatsoever. The choice is yours, but if this is your first time, it may be wise to keep a little hair, just to ease yourself into it.

Whichever route you decide to go down, these are the best tools for the job.

Philips OneBlade

Philips OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer & Shaver, £39.99 >

Philips is widely known for making some of the best personal grooming tools around, and the OneBlade is no exception. This hybrid offers all the best parts of electric and manual razors with none of the drawbacks. It even comes with a specially designed attachment for shaving “private areas” which enables you to take hair right down without having to worry about injuries.


Razor Blades Subscriptions, from £1.75 per blade >

Direct-to-consumer brand Harry’s hasn’t long been in the UK, but it’s already the weapon of choice for clued-up men looking to keep their hairy bits in check. Not only are all its products superb quality, it also offers a handy subscription service that provides you with ongoing deliveries of new blades, based on how often you shave. That means you can use different blades on the same razor to tackle both face and nether bits in one fell swoop.


Wahl Lithium Ion Precision Multigroomer Kit

Wahl Lithium Ion Precision Multigroomer Kit, £44.99 >

Think an electric body groomer is the way to go? Wahl has got you covered. The brand of choice for professional barbers and home groomers alike, Wahl is a surefire winner where hair clippers are concerned. Granted, it won’t shave down to the bone, but if you’re just looking to tidy up rather than take it all off, this is the perfect option.

Getting Down To Business

Now comes the moment you’ve been waiting for. By now you should have selected your weapon of choice and be poised in front of the bathroom mirror ready to make your first move. But before you put blade to ballsack, you’ll need to prep the area.


Men’s Grooming Scissors Hairpal H20, £8.99 >
Gillette Series Sensitive Skin Shaving Gel, £4.99 >

Preparation is key – never has this statement been truer than when taking a razor-sharp object to your nether regions. Before you even consider picking up your razor, you’re going to want to, *gulp*, use a pair of scissors to trim the hair back to a manageable length. There’s a method to the madness: it will stop your razor clogging or shaver tugging. Don’t worry about cutting too close here, you just want to (carefully) remove the excess.

Next, splash your boys with some cold water – this will cause the skin to tighten, making it easier to shave. Then, if you’re going for the clean shaven look, you’ll want to use some shaving gel to make the process as smooth as possible. Notice we say “gel” and not “foam” or “cream”. This is because using a clear gel will enable you to see where you’re dragging your razor. This is something that will make your life a great deal easier, preempting any nasty surprises.

If you’re going down the electric shaver route, there’s no need to do any prep, you can just get straight to work.


Whether you’re using an electric or manual tool, you’ll need to make sure the skin is pulled taut in the area you’re shaving. Do this section by section, pulling the skin upwards to smooth it out, shaving and then moving along to the next bit.

In terms of razorwork, employ a light hand. Using too much pressure could result in a cut, which is exactly what we want to avoid. Going slow and steady, glide the razor or shaver over every surface, making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Post Care

House 99 Seriously Groomed Beard and Hair Balm, £17 >
Baxter of California After Shave Balm, £18 >

Congratulations, you made it. But before you crack open the champagne you should probably take a quick shower to get rid of any stray hairs and then finish off by applying a post-shave balm (the same one you use on your face is fine).

Now all that’s left to do is stand back and admire your handiwork in the bathroom mirror.

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