Hugh Parsons Design

Hugh Parsons Design blends history with contemporary style to bring a sense of prestige to their creations.

Cribbage has a long tradition as a pastime in the Navy, and Hugh Parsons is applying exquisite craftsmanship to bring the game to a new generation with his handmade luxury Cribbage boards.


Hugh learnt to play whilst building wooden boats with an ex­ navy officer. He has paid homage to this tradition in his use of materials, making the board from walnut wood and rippled sycamore and the metal work from gold plated bronze.


Hugh also designed his Workshop and Castle ranges, informed by Scandinavian principles of minimalism and functionality, but incorporating local and indigenous design heritage.

The Workshop range includes the regal Monarch Armchair as well as his Treeslice table, made from native Scottish Ash, and the striking Dalriada side chair.

The Castle range includes a hat stand, console table and stool originally designed to furnish Edinburgh Castle, bringing a sense of royal prestige to any house.


Hugh developed his expertise as a trainee architect, however, his previous hands-­on training in wooden boat ­building inspired him to return to the workshop.

Working directly with wood and other materials has allowed Hugh to combine a cutting edge design sensibility with an authentic sense of place and presence.


Cribbage boards, the Workshop range and the Castle range, by HUGH PARSONS DESIGN

Jack Lenton

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