James Long for Topman

Bringing designer garments to the high street has become a trait of Topman over the years – a mannerism that we un-doubtably admire at Ape to Gentleman. Their collaborations have allowed many to explore the world of designer attire to many, regardless of economical state. Their latest venture see’s them recruit the expertise of knitwear specialist: James Long.

“This range was inspired by my favourite sweater wearing musical icons such as the members of sexpistols, the Bay City Rollers  and of course Bobby Gillespie and Keith Richards”- James Long

Consisting of six crews and a cardigan, Long’s collection seeps skill in intelligent construction with each knit adopting its own form. Utilising mashed up arans and premium multi-coloured tartans, the pieces represent the characterful fun and charm that we are all accustomed to from both brands.

 Available from Topman

Anthony Elliott

Anthony is a fashion writer, with a unique eye for style.