Jorg Gray Watches

In a tough economic climate, albeit improving (spread the good news) – we all still want to look our best, and treat ourselves to quality, in every aspect of our lives. I believe this combination has created a new breed of brand, with a good example being Everlane Clothing.

Quality and style but at an affordable price.

Sure there are high street options who tout similar promises, but they often fail on longevity – one wash and your new shirt looks 10 years old. The next step up from this is affordable luxury – brands producing great products, but not with an overly ‘eager’ price tag. Sure, businesses need to make profits – but they don’t have to be greedy about it. Get the basics covered; quality, price, style – and customers will be back for more.

In a similar vein, I introduce Jorg Gray Watches. An American brand founded in 1998 – with an ever-growing reputation for producing timeless watches with a modern yet traditional feel. Their designs are clean, simple and stylish, with crucially, quality materials and attention to detail.

I invested in a JG6500 watch, famed for being the watch of choice for President Barack Obama – frequently spotted on the wrist of the world’s most powerful man. Upon arrival, I was instantly impressed by a solid, stylish box, housing the chronograph beneath. A stainless steel, silver case contains the High Precision Japanese Miyota Movement, encased in a Scratch-Resistant Mineral Crystal lens – bound by a black leather strap. The weight, size, feel, hand movement and functionality all ooze quality and match the visually pleasing style of the watch.

In summary, the watch and brand is a complete success.

On paper it doesn’t match the ‘quality’ of a Bremont watch or such like, but neither does it match the £4,000+ price tag. At just £315 ($395) you are getting beyond value for money, with a superb mix of style and longevity. Hats off to Jorg Gray for delivering affordable luxury in the watch market.