Joya X Calico

Joya – a fragrance design studio based in New York City, offers innovating perfumes and home ambiance under their own label, as well as engaging emerging and established artists and brands for unique, collaborative projects, their most recent being with Calico Wallpaper.

Calico Wallpaper – a designer of bespoke wallpaper, founded in Brooklyn, New York 2013. Their process combines traditional artisanal methods from the decorative arts with innovative digital technologies. The result, a customised, non- repetitive wall mural. Calico Wallpaper aims to raise wallpaper to the status of art through their depth and movement.

To create the Joya X Calico collection, glass vessels have been carefully marbled by hand using the Calico marbling technique. Candles are then poured by hand in small batches at the Joya Studio using a sustainable, domestic wax blend. Each candle in the collection is entirely handmade. L’Absinthe, Seul du Monde and Outrendoir which feature base-scents including star anise, chinotto and tangerine zest, are the three candles available in the collection.