Jura Whisky

With the weekend fast approaching we head to the Isle of Jura, nestled off the West Coast of Scotland to introduce Jura Whisky. Just 60 miles from Glasgow as the crow flies, but 60 miles has never felt so far away. Jura has just one road, one pub and crucially one distillery- the Isle is beautiful as it is remote with deer outnumber the 200-strong population.

George Orwell even went so far as to name it “the most un-get-at-able place” while he wrote his classic novel 1984 here.

The original distillery has stood in the same place since 1810 but fell into ruin. In 1963, Jura Whisky decided to resurrect it and today- produces some of the finest whiskies Scotland has to offer. Jura’s unique creations are derived from incredibly tall stills and varying range of sweet and or smoky whiskies. It may not be traditional, with no truly signature taste but there’s something for everyone, and each creation is superb.

jura_whiskyOur favourite is Jura Superstition- lightly peated with hints of smoke, honey and pine, matured in ex-Bourbon casks. Ideal for a wee-dram to warm up with after a cold winter’s walk.

The Isle of the Unexpected

jura_isleThe Isle is well worth a visit but if you can’t Jura as a brand seem to be continuously looking for new and exciting ways to engage with drinkers- recently, they created an immersive pop up experience in London, ‘Isle of the Unexpected’ designed to deliver an authentic taste of island life. The event gave Londoners a chance to explore its incredible coastlines, community, culture and craft without leaving the city. We’ll report back with Jura’s next event.