Since Ciro Paone founded CIPA in 1956, which was later to become Kiton in 1968, the brand have been striving to produce what is arguably the highest quality menswear tailoring in the world. Their success has grown their present day team to 500 tailors who produce 20,000 suits a year, and are renowned for an infamously high price tag.

There is no doubt that Kiton is one of the most expensive brands in the world but to truly understand these prices we must take a closer look at the brand; see the hand-work involved, feel the unique fabrics, and wear the clothes to appreciate the advantages of their clothing’s unparalleled construction.

Every Kiton garment is almost entirely produced by hand, take their shirting for instance, even the side seams are hand rolled internally and then stitched by hand, the shoulders are also attached by hand using the traditional Neapolitan method, Spalla Camicia, and the collar too is sewn delicately to the shirt using this method.

For suiting you can expect a similar level of quality with even small details such as the buttons holes being sewn by hand. Not only this, their fabrics too are stunning with Kiton buying their own woolen mill (The Carlo Barbera Mill) three years ago where they now produce the fabric for their suiting, all of which are exclusive to Kiton.

For construction, all suiting is fully canvassed throughout with high arm holes, and a beautiful Neapolitan shoulder head. But really words can only do so much for Kiton, take a look at the video above, and visit Kiton at 14a Clifford Street, London.

Matthew Coles

Matthew is a style connoisseur with a love for classic Italian tailoring. As well as writing Fashion & Style for Ape, he also works for mens brand Drake's.