Jocks & Nerds x Shinola Community of Craft

Community of Craft is the new and exciting project between the quarterly men’s style magazine, Jocks & Nerds and the Detroit based lifestyle brand Shinola, who have just opened their first store here in the UK. The project explores the importance of craft in the 21st century wih Shinola.

To really get an insight into 21st century craftsmanship they question 5 American craftsmen in Britain, and photograph them in their natural habitat, to really see what makes them tick. In the series you meet, Jared Brown, the drinks historian and master distiller, the tailor Raashid Hooks, the Brewer Ryan Witter-Merithew, the Chef Brad McDonald, and finally the master model maker, Rick Armiger.

Raashid, a tailor who moved to Britain for one simple reason, its the home of his craft, tailoring, unconventionally looks past his beautifully made products. Instead, he pays attention to the cultural implications and social aspects of craftsmanship, and to why craft is still important today. The reasoning for the resurgence of craftsmanship also brought out interesting comments from Jared Brown, who focuses on globalisation, and how uniformity from this has now led to a sense of discovery when people find traditionally made products.

‘The beautifully made will never go out of fashion’ – Rick Armiger

Photography by Kevin Davies

Matthew Coles

Matthew is a style connoisseur with a love for classic Italian tailoring. As well as writing Fashion & Style for Ape, he also works for mens brand Drake's.