The solution to keeping your new car fresh, and smelling sweet has always (well, since their inception) been an area of dominance for retaW-Tokyo in the fashion/ grooming world. Marrying the two worlds seamlessly, their Car Tag – available in a favourite of incredible scents can be hung from the rear-view mirror and will deliver a minimum of 2 months (and up to 4 to 6 months) of fragrance. It also doubles as a stylish accessory for any vehicle.

The latest additions to the retaW-Tokyo Car Tag line come in the form of a collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment Design, named J.J – and its fresh, sweet scent of magnolias. Also, a collection of 3 limited edition Car Tags in signature retaW-Tokyo fragrances, but with clothing inspired designs:

  • Limited Edition Natural Mystic Car Tag – with a red and blue, checked fabric pattern.
  • Limited Edition Barney Fragrance Car Tag – with a tartan pattern.
  • Limited Edition Allen Fragrance Car Tag – with wool cable knit pattern.