Live in Levi’s – “We Are 501”

 launches its third Live in Levi’s Project as part of its multifaceted global brand campaign Live in Levi’s. The Live in Levi’s Project is a digital platform that was launched towards the end of 2014 and serves to engage the large global community of Levi’s fans around their shared experLevis501_MaleGroup_Classixx0029HiRes_001.jpgiences. With the intention of celebrating how the world “Lives in Levi’s”, fans generate original content to tell their story and shared through social media channels.

The Spring 2016 Project, themed We Are 501 features Caroline de Maigret (French music producer, writer, model), Classixx (American DJ Duo) and Yi Zhou (Chinese multimedia artist) as the three artists. Through these stories, the artists showcase how 501 jeans are original, global and made by the people who wear them. The stories focus on 501 products that make up the 501 Family and how the diverse breadth of people wear the 501 family, while inviting people around the world to participate and share their own stories.


Celebrating the We Are 501 Family, fans are encouraged to share their 501 stories by using the hashtags #501 and #LiveInLevis to demonstrate how they’re taking their own significant life steps in Levi’s. “The people who wear Levi’s have always been the inspiration for our brand”, said Jennifer Sey, chief marketing officer at Levi’s. “This innovation is a way for us to open up our legacy and invite participation from all over the world by allowing users to shop for iconic Levi’s products.”

Live in Levi’s Project can be viewed and experienced at

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Chris Chasseaud

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