Loro Piana Green Storm System

Luxury Italian clothing brand Loro Piana has launched their Green Storm System, an even more eco-friendly version of the pre-existing Storm System.

The Storm System is a treatment that Loro Piana has applied to all of its natural fabrics since 1994 to create waterproof and wind resistant items, made of breathable natural fibres.


The new Green Storm System consists of a hydrophilic and osmotic membrane, created using a special polyurethane made from 50% renewable plant resources and castor oil in particular.

This reduces the environmental impact over time, as the castor oil plant is perfectly suited to dry terrain, even though it is not normally used for agricultural purposes. Therefore, this treatment’s new membrane is the greenest available on the market to date.


This guarantees the same performance as the original Storm System and provides additional stretchability and a softer feel.

The quality and effectiveness of Loro Piana treatments are based on a completely vertical production process, which includes rigorous, direct controls at every stage, from the raw materials right up to the finished product.


In accordance with this committed effort, all of the processes required to create these treatments, like the Green Storm System, are performed exclusively in factories owned by the company and based in Italy.

The Green Storm System, by LORO PIANA

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