Drake’s x Jane Wilbraham Pocket Squares

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, multidisciplinary artist Jane Wilbraham has designed a collection of pocket squares for Drake’s.

For the latest collection of pocket squares in their Artist Series, Drake’s have collaborated with celebrated painter and sculptor Jane Wilbraham.

The series of squares are designed to capture the motion, and the colour and delicacy of insect life.


“When I’d work I’d sit outside and do half a dozen drawings of insects. Not making them as etymological studies or in a strict botanical sense; they’re impressions of things. They’re moments of insects, if you like. They’re as insects are, doing what insects do.” – Jane Wilbraham


Growing up in Shropshire, Wilbraham found art to have a natural appeal from a young age, and following high school she was accepted to study at Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Fine Arts.

Her time at Oxford was followed by two years at The Slade School of Fine Art, and then another two at Amsterdam’s Reichs Academy.

Although for most of her education she was technically a painter, Wilbraham worked extensively with sculpture.


Much of her recent work has centered around intricate, whittled wood sculpture; something she began experimenting with after inheriting her grandfather’s woodworking tools.

Indirectly, this new discipline also led to her recent watercolour work, featured on her new pocket squares for Drake’s.

Pocket squares, by JANE WILBRAHAM and DRAKE’S

Jack Lenton

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