Workout Luxe: The Best Luxury Home Gym Equipment

There’s a section of the fitness and workout community that has arisen of late preaching simplicity and practicality. You don’t need sports-wicking materials, they say; you can lift in a plain white T-shirt, jeans and a pair of Vans. You don’t need equipment, scream the purists; the world is your gym as they hang chiselled from trees, rise and fall from playground monkey bars and roar as they launch conveniently placed tractor tyres across farmyard carparks.

This is all well and good, but have you ever seen a picture of a NOHrD WaterGrinder sat peacefully among the perfect Feng Shui of a Scandinavian-minimalist fitness dojo? Dressing up like Rocky and hanging off a pipe is cool and all but mate, the dojo. With that in mind, here’s our pick of the most luxurious home gym equipment money can buy.

Ciclotte Bike

We know what you’re thinking: it looks like that bike from that South Park episode. Yes, it does. But that aside, the Ciclotte Bike is an award-winning design masterpiece that matches visuals with performance.

Smart integration ensures connectivity with phones and tablets while the frame allows for five spinning positions as well as an innovative turn multiplier transmission that accurately replicates the sensation of cycling on the road. Not just a pretty face.

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The popularity of the WaterRower range lies in the fact that it genuinely feels like you’re rowing on water thanks to the WaterFlywheel. No wonder it’s used by British Rowing.

The unique design replicates the look, feel and sound of rowing on water, not to mention the exercise benefits. A range of luxury hardwood finishes – Oak, Cherry, Ash and Walnut – as well as a plethora of comfort and performance add ons make this the ultimate home cardio machine.

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NOHrD SprintBok

Suitable for all regimes, from professionals to budding couch-to-5k runners, the NOHrD SprintBok is a manual curved treadmill that encourages those using it to run in a more ergonomic style. Available in the brand’s trademark hardwoods, the most notable feature of the SprintBok is the replication of the feeling of control a runner has when running outdoors.

Hand-built using sustainable materials, minimal power consumption and an all-important touchscreen display complete an impressive all-rounder.

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NOHrD WaterGrinder

Inspired by sailing, the NOHrD WaterGrinder mimics the task of the grinder whose purpose on-board is to turn a crank and hoist the sails as quickly as possible in order to catch the wind and propel the boat.

Available in a number of hardwood finishes and with an array of sit and stand, high and low resistance options, the WaterGrinder is a stylish workout option for your chest, abs, back, arms and shoulders.

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Peloton Bike

If you’ve got the money, you might as well go big. The President of the United States uses a Peloton, albeit not connected to the internet in case it gets hacked. The brand has been a revolutionary tour de force since it hit the market and it’s not hard to see why.

If you’re going luxe, get the family package which includes the bike, a 12-month limited warranty, home delivery, two pairs of clip in shoes, one set of bike weights, two sets of headphones, two heart rate monitors, two water bottles and a bike mat. Add an all-access membership and you’re good to go.

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Mirror From Lululemon

Mirror from Lululemon feels like the Peloton of the fitness mirror revolution. All you need is two feet of wall space to transform any room into a complete home gym.

With advanced tracking technology and 50+ genres of 5-60 minute classes for all ability levels, Mirror is a game-changer. From live classes to on-demand options, the wall-mounted fitness device even allows you to connect with friends for workouts. In the post-pandemic age, it feels like the future of fitness.

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Pent Fitness Gym Bench

There’s luxury in innovation and then there’s luxury in tried-and-tested staples. The Pent Fitness Gym Bench falls under the latter. Everyday gym equipment tricked out in a variety of luxury woods and leather trims, the brand’s fitness bench has a stainless steel core for stability and strength with a lighter wood frame that boasts innate anti-bacterial advantages over metal.

For a bench that exudes craftsmanship, look no further.

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NordicTrack Vault

There’s a fitness wheel to be reinvented at the moment and it’s basically a mirror. Who can do the best one? What features can be added? How can we make it as smart as possible? NordicTrack are certainly giving it their all with the Vault.

Combining an all-encompassing interactive home-gym fitness mirror with a what is basically a cupboard of weights, bands and everything else you could possibly need, NordicTrack leads the way. The gym meets I-Robot.

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Nordic Track Fusion

It was only a matter of time before brands started sticking touchscreens into large-scale upright gym equipment with a level of measurability and accountability from a remote couch and pre-loaded routines. The Fusion is the epitome of the movement.

Live resistance controls, elite trainers on-demand and options for a whole body workout make the Fusion a formidable beast.

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Hock Design Rotator Speed Rope

For a classic piece of gym kit with serious design credentials, look no further than the Hock Design Rotator Speed Rope. With a high-speed precision four ball-bearing system, anodised aircraft aluminium parts and finely tuned and oiled walnut handles, it’s a breeze to use and will get you fit in no time.

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