Mackintosh – a brand of modern heritage, built on true craftsmanship and a two hundred year history. In 1823, Charles Macintosh developed the now iconic rubberised fabric, and thereafter the original Mackintosh coat was made.

Today, Mackintosh is a firmly established luxury brand that combines modern technology with traditional techniques to create the modern-day ‘Mac’. Based in Scotland, Mackintosh are very serious in ensuring that they make their pieces to the strictest of standards.

Mackintosh aims to build on the quality traditions of their forefathers whilst improving them with modern production methods. Every genuine Mackintosh garment is carefully hand made by skilled operatives who have spent years perfecting the techniques required to make a true Mackintosh.  The old skills are perfected over generations, complemented by modern techniques and ideas, giving a classic and contemporary feel to Mackintosh’s seasonal ranges. Continually striving to build on its existing success and ensuring to maintain the aim of producing the world’s finest outerwear.

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