Martin Miller’s Gin

As gin continues to revel in its renaissance, and while new gin brands pop up every other month, we take a moment to highlight the qualities of a modern classic that was, in some ways, ahead of its time. In the late 1990’s Martin Miller was disturbed by the lack of quality in gin when ordering a gin and tonic. He decided from that point to embark on producing his own high quality gin – which for him was a seductive of spirit that should have taste and complex aromas.

Martin Miller experimented with a unique distillation method, splitting the process into two separate distillations. He found the best combination was to first distil the juniper and the ‘earthier’ botanicals along with dried citrus peel.
The botanicals, including juniper, coriander, angelica, cassia and Florentine iris are steeped in water overnight in a large pot still, to release all their flavours and essential oils. This is then added to a neutral grain spirit and start the re-distillation process.

The process is repeated with citrus elements; dried lemon peel, dried Seville bitter orange and dried lime peel. The two distillates are then ‘married’ or blended together in a tank for a period of days. Then, the citrus peels are distilled separately, combining both distillates later which give the gin a better balance between the signature notes of juniper – essential to any good gin, along with the bright, refreshing notes of citrus. Blending this distillate with Icelandic water, an exclusive attribute to Martin Miller’s Gin, gives the gin its distinctive, gentle bouquet and silky soft mouth feel.

Martin Miller’s Gin uses the purest Icelandic water
Martin Miller’s G&T with Strawberry and Black Pepper

Smooth and delicate with floral notes on the nose and citrus on the palate, the luxurious gin can easily be enjoyed neat. However, the gin’s incredible versatility makes it ideal for experimentation. Martin Miller’s brings you the finest gin, made of the highest quality ingredients and the purest Icelandic water, the rest is up to you.

Martin Miller’s Gin (70cl) – £26

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