Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones

New-York based audio brand Master & Dynamic claim to be obsessed with sound quality and creativity. The collection of headphones they offer are tuned to provide a rich, crisp sound that encapsulates well recorded music.


Seeing their headphones as ‘modern thinking caps’, tools to help focus and inspire the mind, we here at Ape tried out the Master & Dynamic MH40 over ear headphones. Memory foam ear pads wrapped in lambskin meant that comfort wasn’t an issue and delivering some great sound quality overall, we were impressed.


Many of the products are engineered to last, making use of premium leathers and stainless steel; creating a great balance of style, strength, comfort and of course sound.

Master & Dynamic have recently expanded their growing line of products with their wireless MW50 On-Ear headphones. They are available in silver metal and two different simple leather colours, black or brown. Premium quality, but still built to last- the headphones share the same product DNA as all M&D’s other products.


Visit now to browse their products, with the MW50 available online from £389.