Mazorin Skincare

There are a plethora or new brands entering the men’s grooming market, some good, some bad. Some are, for want of a better word, standard – whereas others push the boat out, game changers you might say. Mazorin Skincare is one such brand.

Aimed at the ‘Urban Professional’ – a man who essentially works hard and plays hard. The range is both useful for said lifestyle, as well as practical. Take the Pre-Meeting Face Revamp, dubbed a ‘double espresso tonic gel’, it acts as an instant pick me up for those mornings where you need more than a strong coffee. They are housed in 24 handy 2ml sachets – ideal for your pocket or desk.

All of the ingredients across the range have been chosen for effectiveness based on scientific results.

Formulations are dermatologically approved, and are contained within clean and residue-free textures. On that, everything that should absorb quickly, does so – meaning there’s no need to excessively massage any products into your skin, saving you time and effort.

Other products include the superb, Ockham’s Razor Shaving Cream – packed with irritation avoiding ingredients, great for sensitive skin types. For those who suffer with tired looking eyes, the Working Late Eye Serum, housed in an easy to apply eye-roll on is an instant, and longer-term, eye solution – with instant effect. For best results, if possible – keep in the fridge for an added cooling effect.

Finally, there is a Face Scrub made with Bamboo and Maracuja powder to exfoliate dead skin cell and unclogs pores – also useful before shaving to raise hair and remove razor clogging debris, resulting in less chance of ingrown hair. An anti-ageing 3 in 1 face cream named Optimal Face Maintenance, which acts as a moisturiser/ sebum regulator, anti-ageing cream and a defensive mechanism against external aggressors. You can use this in conjunction with, in fact, the entire Mazorin routine is underpinned with the Optimal Skin Nourishment – a supplement designed for the busy, urban lifestyle. They’re essentially a mix of vitamins and anti-oxidants to help combat a cell damaging process caused by oxidative stress from free radicals.


To conclude, I’m really pleased that Mazorin has pushed the boat out here, with some innovative products. And more, that they’re all functional, useful and above all they work.


Chris Beastall

Chris is the Founder and Editor of Ape to Gentleman. His interests lie in men's style, male grooming and leading a better lifestyle - through minimalist, basic and clean design.