There are many skin care brands in the men’s grooming market today, catering for the basic concerns of the modern man. Standard offerings such as face wash, shaving cream and moisturiser are a-plenty. Beyond this, we search for grooming tools – loofahs, nail clippers, toothbrushes and eye masks. They aren’t always easy to find, especially when you need to combine quality and style. On this note, US brand Swissco ticks these boxes.

Swissco Tortoise Toothbrush – Soft

Swissco, founded in 1988 as a producer of handmade combs and gift articles from Switzerland. Swissco today, is a leading manufacturer in such categories as Combs, Hair Brushes, Implements & Manicure Sets, Fashion & Travel Mirrors, Natural Bristle Toothbrushes, Foot & Nail Care accessories, Men’s Razors, Shave Brushes, Shaving Sets and a full line of Bath & Body Tools.

Swissco Soothing Eye Mask

We are particularly fond of the toothbrushes, featured above and the American Psycho (Mr Bateman’s ‘updated’ routine here) style cooling eye mask below. The products exude quality, are affordable and above all, for us, fill the gaps in our wash bags, with a range of well thought out accessories.