The Biggest Men’s Sunglasses Trends For 2024

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We won’t waste time explaining why sunglasses are cool. They just are. It’s a law of the universe, as irrefutable as gravity. Buying a new pair of sunglasses isn’t as simple as it ought to be, though. For all their timeless style, sunglasses trends do exist and it’s good to keep up and make sure you’re not in the shade.

Sure, there’s an argument for shunning trends in favour of classic styles that have been tried and tested for decades. And, as always, it’s wise to pay attention to the right colour for your complexion and find the right style for your face shape.

But it’s also true that some of the best sunglasses trends aren’t actually that groundbreaking; rather, they’re subtle updates on classic styles that give them a new, contemporary lease of life. From chunkier frames to bold lens colours, these are the sunglasses trends worth paying attention to right now.

Chunky Frames

If you feel inclined to go classic with your shades, we’re not judging. They’re classic for a reason. But one way to add a modern spin on those time-tested designs is to beef up the frames.

Look out for pumped-up, chunky versions of traditional silhouettes like Wayfarers and keyhole glasses. They offer a bolder, more striking look but one that’s still subtle enough to integrate into your everyday wardrobe. Wear them as you would your standard pairs, combining them with everything from a tee and jeans to a 9-5 suit in summer.

Squared Off

Rounded glasses are flattering for most face shapes and offer a timeless look that’s been enjoyed for generations. For something edgier and more off-key, squared designs fit the bill perfectly. They offer a louder statement over round alternatives and work especially well with casual looks consisting of denim jeans, chore jackets and oversized knitwear.

Providing they’re not too large, square sunglasses are also suitable when teamed with smarter clothes and tailoring. Look out for flat bridged shades and square aviator styles, which’ll give off a louche, 1970s feel.

Vibrant Lenses

Sure, brown and black are your go-to lenses, but to make a statement upstairs there are few better ways to do so than with coloured lenses. Channel your own slice of Fear and Loathing and opt for orange lenses, or take a step further and go red.

On the face of it (your face, that is), this can sound incredibly garish and over the top, but bold lenses are surprisingly easy to pull off. The trick is to stick to classic sunglasses designs like keyhole or rounded takes in muted black or brown acetate. This will ensure the lenses take centre stage, offering a nice contrast to the otherwise traditional frames.

Translucent Frames

See-through frames have been a thing for a while, and they’re not going away any time soon. They instantly spice up any frame shape, bringing a little industrial chic as you see the wire framing underneath. Plus the fact they’re translucent means the lenses will pop against them.

Blue lenses are a natural fit for see-through frames, and perfectly complement a tonal blue look, while dark green and red can also work for more of a statement.


When it comes to tonal dressing, black wins every time. And of course, the only way to complete a monochrome look is by finishing it off with all-black sunglasses. The perfect rock ’n’ roll-inspired pair, the original all-black sunglasses would be classic Wayfarers – a style that’s been enjoyed by everyone from Paul Newman to Kanye West.

However, other styles work too. From rounded shapes to aviators and keyhole designs, black sunglasses are hard to beat.


Rounded frames have always been cool. Favoured by everyone from John Lennon to the beat poets of the 1960s, they are classic, versatile frames that work well in a wide variety of situations. There are a couple of things to think about though.

First of all, don’t go fully circular; instead, look for imperfect rounded shapes and soft-edged keyhole designs, which aren’t quite as severe as the full-on Lennon look. Also, if you have a rounded head and face shape, this is a style to avoid as they will only emphasise this.

Those with angled features will be best served here, as the smooth lines of rounded sunglasses soften things slightly, contrasting in the best way possible.

1990s Styles

This trend is not for everyone. In fact, 1990s style as a whole isn’t for everyone. Bold and unapologetic, 1990s-inspired sunglasses are far from classic and aren’t going to combine seamlessly with your collection of Breton tops and linen tailoring.

Instead, think ski-goggle mirrored lenses or slim, Matrix-style shapes and statement colours from bright blue to papaya orange. Not for the faint hearted, 1990s frames work best when worn with pieces from the decade like oversized hoodies, faded jeans, canvas high tops and zero self-consciousness.

Charlie Thomas

Charlie Thomas is a writer and photographer, contributing to publications including The Independent, The Times, The Rake and Black + White Photography magazine. His photography has been exhibited by Photofusion, Central Saint Martins and Photo Co-Op.