Dagsmejan’s Stylish Pyjamas Will Help You Sleep Better

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Pyjamas are often overlooked. While many men are happy to invest in high-quality basics – whether T-shirts, jeans or underwear – sleepwear tends to be an afterthought. And although you can just throw on a tee or vest to sleep in, you’ll miss out on all the benefits clothes specifically designed for sleep can offer. After all, sleep is the period that allows your body to recharge, so why wouldn’t you want to give yourself the best chance of recovery?

This was the reasoning behind the founding of Dagsmejan. The Swiss brand has quickly built a reputation for its sleepwear, which is engineered to aid all-night comfort through the use of high-tech, natural fibres and considered fits, which conform to the body without restricting it. For pyjamas that are moisture-wicking, soft to the touch and help regulate your body’s temperature, look no further.

Dagsmejan’s product range is broken down into four categories: ‘Stay Cool’ for lightweight, cooling pyjamas; ‘Balance’ for temperature regulating pyjamas; ‘Stay Warm’ for breathable yet warming pyjamas; and ‘Recovery’ for performance sleepwear that helps with muscle recovery.

Each garment makes use of the finest natural fibres, from merino wool to lyocell, and combines them with high-tech performance fabrics like elastane and lycra, resulting in combinations unique to Dagsmejan. For example, for its cooling T-shirt the brand makes use of a microlyocell, elastane and lycra blend that’s not only comfortable against the skin but eight times more breathable than cotton, keeping you cooler for longer.

The fit only enhances overall comfort. Dagsmejan opts for raglan shoulders on its T-shirts for increased range of movement, while flat seams ensure minimal exposed stitching to stop chaffing. Its shorts meanwhile boast a built-in gusset to prevent them from riding up in the night, as well as a large elasticated hem that expands and contracts as you move.

The brand’s entire range is tagless too – a considered detail that means no irritating scratches against the skin – while the pockets are designed to lie flat when not in use so they don’t get in the way.

A muted colour palette of greys and navy ensures Dagsmejan’s sleepwear looks as good as it feels. Its shorts will even double up as loungewear that can be worn both around the house and out running errands, thanks to their minimal design.

In placing emphasis on attention to detail and functionality, Dagsmejan has created the ultimate sleepwear wardrobe that not only feels great but can actually improve your quality of sleep. Pyjamas will never be overlooked again.

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