Merkur Leather Case


Dovo of Solingen have taken the double-edge safety razor world by storm with their Merkur line of safety razors. Of particular note are the Merkur Futur Razors; available in brushed steel, chrome and gold. Fantastically well built, they provide the user with a personally chosen and tailored shave. Notoriously difficult to get hold of (a simple supply and demand issue), the Merkur Futur has become somewhat of a legend in the men’s shaving world.

If you own a Merkur Futur or intend to purchase one I recommend you invest in a Merkur Leather Case. This quality, soft leather case will protect your razor from scratches and general damage when travelling or placed on your bathroom shelf.

The Merkur logo adorned, button-fastener case carefully secures all Merkur Futur razors as well as the Vision 2000, Merkur 38C, Merkur 39C and Merkur 23C. It will also house many other Merkur razors such as the Merkur 34C but not so snugly.

At £9.50 from Niven & Joshua, the Merkur Leather Case is a must for any Merkur Futur (and other) owner.