Ormonde Jayne Perfume Portraits

London perfume house Ormonde Jayne is now offering a bespoke Perfume Portraits service for clients looking to find a new fragrance within their stores, useful for those too busy to navigate the minefield of perfume counters to find one they feel truly suits them.

Perfume Portrait

The Perfume Portrait starts with a few basic questions on your preferences in a fragrance, taking in to consideration previous bottles you’ve worn or ones you’ve encountered on other people and preferred methods of application. Afterwards clients are invited to smell three raw ingredients from seven fragrance families including hesperidic, light floral, intense floral, balsamic, oriental, woody and atmospheric. Whether you’d wear these notes or not isn’t important, at this point you just need to specify if you like or dislike each ingredient to build a picture of the notes you find appealing.

After your opinions have been noted a shortlist of Ormonde Jayne fragrances will have been compiled based on your preferences, trimming their range down to a concise selection of 2 or 3 to explore further. These will then be applied to separate wrists and discussed before the client is allowed to smell the fragrance for the first time after it has settled on the skin.

After a recent visit to Ormonde Jayne’s flagship boutique in Sloane Square my portrait experience lead me to Ormonde Man, a fantastic green and woody fragrance with notes of Vetiver, Juniper, Hemlock and Oudh, and Zizan, a citrus oil and herbal composition with Lime, Bergamot and Bay. Favouring a single application at the start of the day I opted for a 50ml bottle of Ormonde Man (£80), with the option to return another time and purchase the fragrance in candle, body wash and bath oil form.

Available at Ormonde Jayne’s Sloane Square and Mayfair boutiques, Harrods’ Black Perfumery Hall and Senteurs d’Ailleurs in Brussels, the Perfume Portraits service is an inventive and accessible method of flushing out a new signature fragrance from a well-crafted range of British perfumes with something special to offer those who investigate it further.