Molton Brown have come a long way since their original incarnation as hairdressers on South Molton Street, London in 1973. The Molton Brown re-charge black pepper bodywash is truly a testament to that journey. In keeping with the Molton Brown natural ethos, their shower gels exude exquisite aromas of vetiver, basil, bergamot, galbanum, amber and vanilla.


Of note is the black pepper oil in the famed re-charge black pepper bodywash, which acts as an aphrodisiac by warming and relaxing muscles, while dilating blood vessels to help remove toxins. Just in case all that wasn’t enough, this shower gel has antiseptic and anti-oxidant properties which keep your skin ultra-fresh and in condition. To try and describe the scent would be an injustice, smell it for yourself – you’ll see. £20.00 for 300ml of this highly concentrated, long, long-lasting legend.