Montblanc Secret Adornment – Tattoo Edition

Revealed earlier this year, German manufacturer Montblanc bring a touch of Florence exclusively to Selfridges in the UK with their new leather briefcases, Montblanc Secret Adornment – Tattoo edition.


Exploring a new avenue of creative personalisation, each piece features a hand-drawn tattoo fashioned by Mo Coppoletta, one of the few in the world to have mastered the delicate art of tattooing on leather.

“Tattoos have become the ultimate form of artistic self-expression. Works of art that have never lost their appeal nor their relevance through the centuries, and resonate more than ever as a perfect blend of modernism, tradition and artistry.” -Montblanc Creative Director, Zaim Kamal.

Three different tattoo designs are available, with an elegant blue Sfumato leather exterior. With the tattoo only visible on the inside, Montblanc are offering the opportunity for you to carry around a special piece of art every single day.


The first motif, priced at £2,650, features a serpent – a recurring motif in art and design during the Art Nouveau period. The second, priced at £5,300, depicts a hot air balloon as a tribute to the pioneering spirit of Montblanc’s founders. Finally, the most elaborate of the three, with a price of £9,100 is the world map – a reference to the Maison’s appeal in more than 120 countries.


Limited to 30 pieces, the briefcases are available to order until the end of the year from Selfridges exclusively, for further information visit now.