Noomoon LABB Smartwatch Strap


Introducing The LABB- short for The Loopless and Buckleless Band- a smartwatch strap with no loop, no buckle, but a robust, easy-to-use fastening system. Created by the Brasport Group, a strap manufacturer founded in 1946, who are launching Noomoon- the fifth name in its stable of brands.


Noomoon’s first product- the Noomoon LABB Smartwatch Strap possesses overlapping halves which grip along their entire surface so that the strap cannot move- a self-gripping band. The LABB has been created in partnership with British designer Benjamin Hubert, a past winner of British Design Awards Design of the Year.


Despite having the Brasport Group team at Noomoon’s disposal, the CEO Alain Dubois has invested close to a million Swiss francs and while the project can exist without outside funding, Noomoon joined the Kickstarter platform to test the public’s response to this innovative strap and build excitement around Noomoon. Kickstarter also provides a viewing gallery for those on the lookout for new ideas.

“From the packaging quality to the purchasing experience, from the unboxing to use, it had to be about experiences, but not to the detriment of the world we live in. The agency aims to create timeless objects that surpass trends and fashions, objects that take inspiration from the fast-moving lives we lead. Our job is to use design to provide durable, ethical, social and environmental solutions.” -Benjamin Hubert

There are some stylish smartwatch straps available to do but Noomoon’s creation, available in a variety of colour has to be one of the smartest yet. Gone are annoying buckle clasps that don’t quite fit your wrist perfectly, and in is this self-gripping Swiss-made strap that is supple, soft to the touch, odourless, waterproof, skin-friendly, fits perfectly and ticks the style box- what’s not to like.


Take a look at Kickstarter and support the project. There will be a special offer (discount compared to the retail price after the launch) for Kickstarter backers. The Super early bird and early bird offers are limited in time and quantity: the SUPER early bird: limited to 350 units for 12 hours only and the EARLY bird to 700 units during the whole campaign.