Nike “Find Your Greatness”


Another excellent initiative from Nike, launched just moments before hopefully the London 2012 Olympics will be inspiring sportsmen and women across the planet – is the Nike “Find Your Greatness” campaign. The crux of the message is to inspire athletes of any ability to achieve their own personal goals in sporting competition at any level.

The Nike+ digital ecosystem is the best way to track your fitness goals, with a whole host of Apps and Sensors in the Nike+ line up. The recent introduction of the Nike+ Training Sensors and Nike+ Fuelband make achieving personal fitness goals much more of an exciting and challenging prospect than pounding the treadmill at your local gym. We hope to have a review of these on Ape to Gentleman shortly. Respect to Nike for their innovations here.

“If you have a body you’re an athlete.”

Bill Bowerman, Nike co-founder.

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Chris Beastall

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