We recently came across a very cool Dutch mobile accessories brand called Mujjo. Wanting to find out more we got in touch with one of the founders Tom and asked for the low down on everything Mujjo. Their personal quest for utmost quality caught our attention, and their stunning designs.

Founded by the Dutchies; Remy, Robin and me (Tom) in 2010. We’re not chasing trends, but instead, every Mujjo design is a reflection of our personal taste. Our designs may not be for everyone, but that is just the way we want it to be. We believe the mobile accessory market lacks on sustainable and characteristic fashion labels, unlike the traditional fashion industry. We believe there is a great space in this industry for Mujjo to create new, outstanding but above all contemporary designed accessories.

The sleeves are crafted by hand. We’ve teamed up with fashion designers for their expertise. We’re always trying to create products for our own use, our personal demands are pretty high to say the least. We know that we’re going in the right direction when we can’t wait to use the final product ourselves. Basically, we design according to our personal taste but we don’t neglect the opinion of others, we’re not afraid to show our product to others while still developing, their feedback is worth a lot! I think it makes things a lot easier if you do what you love of feel like.

Our latest project has been extending the Originals Collection, a collection of Sleeves for the iPhone, iPad, MacBooks and Galaxy S3. We’ve recently extended our collection with a sleeve for the 15.4″ Macbook Pro Retina. We weren’t planning to design a sleeve for the 15.4″ Pro Retina in the first place. But after we received lot’s of requests from people who claimed they couldn’t find any decent sleeve out there for the 15.4″ Retina we decided to go for it, we decided to run a limited production to help these people out. This makes this Mujjo sleeve pretty unique. In the end, the 15.4″ Retina deserves nothing less than to be carried around in a premium sleeve.

The Originals collection is made out of a unique combination of 100% wool felt and high quality leather. Wool felt is a sustainable material, offering strength while remaining a soft touch. We also use high quality vegetable-tanned leather that’s hand-dyed using environmentally friendly dyes. We’ve developed a special treatment to make the wool felt anti-peeling and water repellent.

We got awesome feedback. It all started with a post by Mattew for The Next Web:

As much of a case fanatic as I am, it takes a lot to catch my eye these days. That wasn’t a problem for Mujjo’s new lineup of ‘Originals’ cases for Apple devices like iPhones, MacBooks and iPads. These things look gorgeous.

After that, lots of positive feedback followed. We appreciate all the love we get for the new collection.