Nike Mercurial x EA Sports

With FIFA 17 just over a week away from being released, Nike and EA Sports have collaborated on a pair of special edition Mercurial Superfly boots.

The collaboration stems from a feeling of progress and advancement. Twenty-two years ago EA created FIFA 94, a game which changed the way people connect with football both in person and on video games. All of these years later and we can see how much the graphical elements of the game have improved, along with its popularity among football fans and gamers.

The standard Nike tick is obviously featured, but the design of the boot focuses on the evolution from older-tech graphics to the modern day high-definition output, which now seems so normal to us. The EA Sports logo appears on the heel, lace and sock-liner of the boot. To complete the design a special mercurial logo was chosen which can be seen on the boot, shoebox and the bag that come with it.

These Mercurials will undoubtedly turn your mate’s heads, with a rainbow of pixelated colours featuring on the inner side of the boot and a striking blue and orange mix on the outer. Since only 1500 pairs are being released, each boot will also be individually numbered on the heel.

The Mercurial x EA Sports boots will be available from the Nike football app and from September 26th, 2016.