stolen goat Cycle Wear by Ape

Photography by Ape to Gentleman

  • Location: Peak District, Derbyshire.
  • Model: Jack Clay.
  • Bike: Cervélo.

As the trend for gentlemen taking to road biking continues to grow, there will always be new cycling brands emerging. Some good, some not so. Enter stolen goat, founded in 2012 by Tim Bland who, tired of a “solid 9-5 job” decided to follow his passion and create a cycling brand.


stolen goat’s mission is to provide everyday cyclists with top quality cycle clothing and stand-out customer service. All of their items are manufactured in Belgium with the range utilising the latest in garment innovation to offer you the perfect fit, all day comfort and with style- something that I can confirm, they achieve.

ape-1006We were introduced to stolen goat via their Autumn/ Winter 2016 cycle wear collection and specifically the Orkaan range of clothing. The collection provides complete kit for cycling throughout the seasons; in the dry, but we found it is especially suited to colder autumn/ winter like conditions. It was particularly comfortable through a range of temperatures and weather- from a warm start to a cold, wet and dark finish to our ride.


The Orkaan collection is slated to be ideal for autumn/ winter and temperature differentials of over 10 degrees. The reason being; Orkaan contains a breathable wind and water repellent fabric shell that minimises the effects of wind and rain enabling the body to better regulate temperature and comfort level, hence the name the ‘Orkaan Capsule’. The collection is ideal for temperatures ranging from 4 to 17°c in rain or sun.


“Due to the phenomenal feedback and success of our Orkaan line, the expansion of range and designs are simply a response to demand from our customers. The addition of an everyday fit for jerseys, new bib shorts, ¾ length tights, leg and arm warmers, and shoe covers completes our capsule concept” -Tim Bland.

Test Gear

Orkaan RaceTech Short Sleeve Jersey


Designed for riders who train and or race at full tilt, the Orkaan RaceTech Short Sleeve Jersey is tailored towards performance both in terms of fit and form on the bike. The jersey features a tighter fit to reduce drag and offer better muscle support; whilst shorter front panels avoid ‘collecting’ when riders tuck into an aero position- £110.

Orkaan Bib Short

The Orkaan Bib Short bridges the gap between summer bib shorts to deep winter kit and leg warmers.


Made with a 4 way stretch fit which moulds to your body shape and a compressive fit, they provide muscle support and ensure that both the short length and chamois pad retain position in and out of the saddle. An integrated back panel wicks moisture away, while generous straps and an elasticised band at the bottom of the leg (rather than silicone grippers that pull skin/ hairs at ankle level) are extremely comfortable. Within is a soft fleece-like Roubaix lining making the bibs comfortable against the skin.


The pad within is comfortable, fast drying and anti-bacterial with dimple technology to improve airflow. The water and wind repellent Orkaan fabric will help keep you comfortable throughout wet conditions and surface spray as water runs off rather than penetrating through the material- £115.

Climb and Conquer Jacket


The Climb and Conquer Jacket is water repellent and windproof, and made with ‘Tempest Protect’ fabric- designed to protect you from a shower or road spray. Within, the soft brushed Roubaix lining will ensure you keep warm and is soft against the skin.


A comfortable, covered front zip protects against wind and cold penetration. There is also a water resistant fourth pocket to protect vulnerable items like phones and a headphone cable hole to keep cables dry.


For safety, Pixel100 fabric detailing on the rear pockets will reflect light, while the jacket is cut to a performance fit, in-keeping with a body-line fit to minimise any flapping- £139.


Hats off to stolen goat- we were most impressed with the quality, technical innovations and in particular the fit and style of the garments we tested. Ride in style gentlemen.

Chris Beastall

Chris is the Founder and Editor of Ape to Gentleman. His interests lie in men's style, male grooming and leading a better lifestyle - through minimalist, basic and clean design.