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Nivea Men’s first Originals skincare range was launched in 1980 to protect men’s skin no matter what they go through.

Now the range is being relaunched as the Protect & Care range with a new design, a new scent, and an improved formula.


Today’s formula contains Aloe Vera and Pro Vitamin B5, added to protect the skin from drying out, and to moisturise and care for it, and the, new, more masculine scent is based on amber, marine, woody and musky notes.

The range comes with a lineup of seven skincare products, all tailored to protect the skin from everyday stresses.


Intensive Cream – The rich moisturising formula of the cream is designed to provide long-lasting protection for skin, and to protect against harmful UV rays.

Shaving Foam & Shaving Gel – The foam’s Ultra Glide technology gives an advanced shave by softening beard hairs and protecting skin from nicks, cuts and tightness so it feels comfortable and cared for, to provide a clean shave and optimal protection.


Post Shave Balm – Moisturisers within the balm help to reduce redness and tightness to soothe skin immediately after shaving.

Post Shave Lotion – Uses a vitalising scent and cooling menthol to give skin an immediate refreshing boost for a soothing and refreshing feeling.


Exfoliating Face Scrub – Exfoliates the skin and unclogs impurities and oil to thoroughly clean and refresh the face.

Deep Cleaning Face Wash – Removes dirt and excess oil to prevent your skin from feeling dry and tight after use.


The Protect & Care Range, from £3.09, by NIVEA MEN

Jack Lenton

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