DokiCam 360° Camera

The perfect accessory for explorers, beach lovers or thrill seekers, DokiCam’s 360° Camera is the piece of tech here to bring new life to your holiday snaps this summer.

The portable camera features two dual 200° fish-eye lenses and a wide frame, which gives the user to ability to take complete 360° panoramic videos and photos.

The device can take high definition 360° panoramic 4K stills, 3K videos and even livestream directly to social media.


About the size of a baseball and weighing only 140 grams, the camera can just about fit in your pocket to take and use anywhere, and can also be mounted on a tripod, handlebars or helmet to capture a wide array of shots.

Photos and videos can be saved to the camera’s 128GB Micro SD card, and users can experiment with various modes, including Tiny Planet, VR, Fisheye or Hemisphere 360°.

The free DokiCam iOS and Android apps allow users to control their device, adjust settings and create edits from their smartphone.


Once the final cut is perfected, users can upload content directly to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

The DokiCam 360° Camera is also available with a purchasable case which makes it waterproof to 30 metres, making it perfect for use when surfing, snorkelling or diving.

360° Camera, £178, by DOKICAM

Jack Lenton

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