nobis Outerwear

New to market this season; nobis outerwear for Autumn/ Winter 2016; combining classic style with innovative technical design to create warm clothing suitable for both city commuters and rural adventurers alike.


The combination of fashion and functionality creates practical clothing which not only looks good but is also prepared for any weather- be it rain, wind or snow. nobis’ use of Sympatex and EmbraceTM membranes along with a seam seal construction and 100% white duck down lining, minimises heat loss whilst ensuring their coats remain waterproof, windproof and breathable.


The collection uses high quality materials such as cotton, nylon, leather and wool to deliver versatile clothing that can withstand any climate. nobis pride themselves on developing outwear which is not only suitable for unpredictable weather but is also sharp, stylish and suitable for the modern gentleman- making it a favourite amongst celebrities including Johnny Depp, Tom Hiddleston and Daniel Craig.


So as the temperature falls don’t let your fashion sense follow suit; stay warm, smart and stylish this winter with outwerwear from nobis. Available now, both in-store and online.