OLIVERS Apparel – Porter Hoodie and Half Zip

With winter in full swing, Californian menswear brand OLIVERS Apparel have introduced two mid layer tops – the Porter Hoodie and Half Zip – in their new Merino Luxe Terry fabric, a soft and stretchy merino and Terry blend.


Merino Luxe Terry is a midweight performance fabric that combines merino and core-spun nylon with a small amount of spandex. The merino gives added structure and bounce by wrapping the nylon fibres, and the mini french terry loop back gives it an incredibly soft feel.


By blending the fabrics in this way, the softness of merino can be achieved alongside the backbone and shape of more synthetic fabrics.


The Merino Luxe Terry fabric will be used in the Porter Hoodie – an updated version of an existing piece – as well as the all-new Porter Half Zip.


The Porter Hoodie is designed to mimic the old college and university hoodies loved by many, recreated in a more grown-up style, tailored in an athletic cut that was made to feel at home in a variety of situations from a bike commute to a casual Friday.


The new Half Zip was designed to be the ultimate garment when it comes to utility, as a versatile midlayer that can be thrown on or off in a hurry, best suited to early mornings and cool nights.


The Porter Hoodie and Half Zip, by OLIVERS APPAREL

Jack Lenton

Jack is Ape's Online Editorial Associate, with a passion for Men's Style, Cars, and Technology.