Pantherella Socks

Socks, an often overlooked accessory in a man’s wardrobe, frequently considered a second thought are now a real game changer in the style stakes. On this note, today, we focus on British hosiery, family owned company, Pantherella. A true heritage brand, Pantherella has been ahead of its competition since it first opened its factory doors in Leicestershire in 1937. With its innovative, lightweight, luxurious yarns, Pantherella have put socks on the style map for the first time as a significant item of clothing.

Seamless, to avoid any irritation Pantherella socks, with their signature, hand linked toe seams are created by skilled craftspeople whose expertise have been passed down from generation to generation.

Pantherella use only the most luxurious yarns available and source the finest fibres from around the world for their socks. Their unparalleled awareness of yarns resulted in them being chosen as the first and only manufacturer of Escorial Wool Socks. Escorial Wool is the most luxurious wool known to man with only three remaining flocks left in the world.

With a nod to sartorial elegance of refined style from years gone by in addition to their trend inspired styles, Pantherella socks are suitable for most occasions. Combine this with their traditional techniques and years worth of expert craftsmanship – the result; a reputation worldwide for quality and style. Their commitment to ‘Made in England’ and appreciating the finer things in life has seen the brand become a true arbitrator of style and delivering the art of fine English Socks.