Philips OneBlade

As male grooming evolves so does its technology with the introduction of Philips OneBlade, a new product created to give its users the ability to achieve a variety of facial hair styles.

Growing a beard has been a sign of masculinity since the Stone-age until around 345 BC when Alexander the Great declared soldiers could have no facial hair and so began the clean shaven style.

Facial hair has regularly come in and out of fashion throughout history, attempting to separate the men from the boys. However, the modern man has now come to realise that well-groomed beards can be just as sharp, stylish and smart as the clean shaven classic starting a new grooming revolution.

Male facial grooming has become much more than just beard or no beard, with many men choosing to opt for somewhere in between the two. Realising this, Philips OneBlade combines rotary shaving with the benefits of a trimmer to create a hybrid razor with a replaceable head capable of a creating variety of long and short styles.

Philips OneBlade works for both shaving and facial hair edging, and comes with 4 different size clip-on combs (1mm,2mm,3mm and 5mm) that transform the product into a trimming device.

It’s cutting mechanism moves 200 times per second and has a glide strip and polymer shield which restricts it from shaving to close and reduces the risk of snagging.

The Philips OneBlade can assist you in achieving your desired style with ease, whether its Johnny Cash or Johnny Depp. So head to you’re nearest boots store and try it for yourself from £34.99.