Polaar ExtremeCare

French brand Polaar, creators of the legendary Polaar Icy Magic eye roll-on have recently added ExtremeCare to their product line. ExtremeCare is a unisex range, formulated with Arctic Rhodiola Rosea to protect and repair skin in the most cold and extreme weather conditions.

Arctic Rhodiola Rosea is a root which grows in the extreme conditions of Siberia and used in traditional Scandinavian medicine for its ability to stimulate DNA repair mechanisms. Its anti-free radical properties make it a powerful ally in the fight against all forms of external aggression. Polaar, having discovered Arctic Rhodiola Rosea’s exceptional protective virtues formulated a comprehensive range for Him & Her aimed at preserving and restoring dry and damaged skins exposed to the most extreme conditions.

Polaar ExtremeCare

  • Intensive Face Cream: powerful moisturising care for the long-term protection of damaged or sensitive skin; its healing properties rapidly soothe irritation.
  • Intensive Body Balm: a specific formula guaranteeing the optimal hydration of very dry and damaged skin for lasting repair and protection.
  • Intensive Hand Cream: a melt-in texture for the effective repair of dry and damaged hands.
  • Intensive Repair Lip Balm: an ultra-nourishing lip balm which protects and effectively repairs dry and damaged lips.
  • Intensive Foot Cream: an ultra-nourishing formula which effectively repairs dry, tired and damaged feet.

Other ingredients include anti-inflammatory Liquorice Extract, curative Algae Extract, nourishing Fatty Acids and anti-oxidant Vitamin E. For anyone living in cooler climbs, the Polaar ExtremeCare range is superb option for protecting skin and preventing dryness with added benefits of skin-delighting ingredients.


Chris Beastall

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