Polaar HydraForce Cream

Shaving, the environment and over-indulgence can all take their toll on your skin. To counter this, there are a plethora of options- after shave balms, rich moisturisers and such like. None are particularly great at both rehydrating skin, soothing freshly shaven skin and absorbing quickly. The case for developing a thick, hydrating cream that absorbs quickly with a mattifying effect is a tough combination to master.

One of our favourite skincare brands; Polaar, have achieved this aforementioned feat. The release of their new HydraForce Cream concentrated in Arctic blue micro-algae, stimulates cell regeneration and reinforces the epidermis against environmental attacks and shaving burn. The fresh and moist texture quickly blends into the skin for an unparalleled soft touch, 24hour hydration with deeply moisturised skin.

Ingredients and Benefits

The key ingredients is Arctic blue micro-algae which can be traced all the way back to the origins of life, more than 3.8 billions years ago- belonging to the Cyanophyceas species which formed stromatolites (rocky domes) which took an active part in the de-acidifying of the oceans and production of oxygen for our atmosphere, allowing life to appear on earth. It is extremely resistant, able to survive in the freezing Arctic and Antarctic waters.

Other benefits include improved skin density- with the division and healing of cells stimulated to increase epidermis density and hence reinforce it. Complexion improvement- skin is left more uniform, redness disappears and imperfections are reduced. And finally, as previously mentioned- long term hydration. With daily application of the cream, the benefits of the 24h0ur booster on skin hydration intensifies over time. The cream is also alcohol, paraben and mineral oil free.

In-vivo tests conducted on 20 volunteers of average aged 34 to 69 years. They applied the skincare twice a day during 2 months on half the face versus placebo.


There are certain products which have almost achieved cult status within the women’s beauty industry, and it’s beginning to happen in the men’s space too. Trumper shave cream, Polaar Icy Magic eye care and Mr Natty Beard Oil- well Polaar HydraForce Cream is that good, whether or not it makes it into the mainstream press- we can only but help, however it’s certainly worth of cult status.

£31/ 100ml from mankind.co.uk