Polaar Intensive Foot Cream

Introducing Polaar

The long and storied history of Polaar begins years ago with an adolescent Daniel Kubriel – founder of Polaar, heading out on an exploratory sailing expedition with his arctic exploring parents. In the hopes of uncovering groundbreaking discoveries while coasting through the Icelandic far north, it was than Daniel discovered the innate ability of arctic plants to survive in extreme weather conditions, later spawning the inception of his own skin care company.

As academic studies of polar plants thrived, Daniel soon identified the remarkable anti-oxidant power of such wild life. Entirely enthralled with this life giving process, Polaar unveiled its first ever line of skin care products for men in 2004 and was greeted with instantaneous adulation from some of France’s most prestigious boutique shops. While celebrating early successes, Polaar’s strategic vision to include an ensuing women’s line in early 2007 only furthered their reputation as worldwide leaders in the skincare and grooming industry.

With an unparalleled respect for Mother Nature and for skin, Polaar created its highly valued code of ethics:

  • Careful selection of natural active ingredients.
  • Purity products: paraben, alcohol, mineral oil.
  • Dermatologically tested products.
  • Protection of polar biodiversity.
  • Recovery of recyclable materials.

Through meticulous collaborative efforts with leading academic centers in various parastatal research forms, Polaar has expanded its growing product range to aid in such areas as – sun protection, anti aging, pigment control, hydration, hygiene as well as a host of shaving needs. With keen interests in scientific research coupled with indicative investments by way of product development, the direction in which Polaar decides to lead the ever essential skin care industry is a mystery only father time can reveal.

The Foot Cream

Whether they have been in the office wrapped in stiff leather brogues, or pounding the trails in snug trainers, at the end of the day, your feet are likely to tired and in need of a little tlc.

Introducing Polaar Intensive Foot Cream. Packed with Shea butter and Arctic Rhodiola the cream soothes and moisturises leaving your feet feeling rehydrated, soft and supple after a long day.

For deep repair, apply a thick layer before bed. The non-sticky formula means you need not worry about hanging around while the cream dries – although, you have probably earned the rest.