Gillette Body Razor

With the passing of time, today’s modern man has become increasingly adventurous by way of trends, style and grooming. By most, if not all accounts, long gone are the days of the grizzly man brazenly flaunting manicured chest hair protruding through a low-slung butterfly collared button down – a la Magnum PI. Body shaving is firmly on the rise as we have entered an era of neatly shaven, cleanly groomed bodies. Finding a product ideal for shaving unwanted body hair was an arduous, if not impossible task – until now that is.

Fully committed to affording men the best possible shave one can get, Gillette unveil the Gillette Body Razor – this carefully engineered shaving tool is categorically designed for total body use.

The trilogy of primary features include:

  • An innovative rounded head design that comfortably yet effectively slides over all body contours including hard to reach areas.
  • Three lubricating strips helping to ensure glide throughout.
  • An anti-slip grip for control.

Additional features include:

  • Three floating blades for flexibility and sensitivity.
  • A forward pivoting head adaptable to a man’s unique silhouette.
  • System and disposable versions are available according to individual preferences.

With over 100 years at the heart of men’s grooming, it’s only fitting to find Gillette standing behind this new shaving gizmo. Utilising innovative ideologies whilst listening intently to market demands, Gillette’s ergonomically crafted razor is our answer to a comprehensive, well-rounded body shave.